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Frequently Asked Questions About Web Design

What are web design, web domain registration, and web hosting? Who offers these services?

Web Design is the creation of a website. It is the design, layout, and functionality of an assortment of HTML files, CSS files, PHP files, etc. This is the service we provide.

Web Domain Registration reserves you the right to use the name of your website for a certain amount of time depending on the duration of your contract.
Web Hosting gives you a place to save the files, that your website consists of, to a remote server where people on the internet can view them anytime. Online file storage.

Each of these is essential for producing a website.The following are some of the more popular online domain registrar/web hosting companies: godaddy.com, web.com, fatcow.com, and justhost.com.

How much do these services cost?

The cost and services provided differs between each provider, the only way to know for sure is to compare for yourself.

*Many Domain Registrars/Web Hosting businesses today are putting both the Domain Registration & Web Hosting into the same package, so be sure to read the package you are intending to buy carefully.

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